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Covid-19 Goldsite Self-Testing Kit CE 1434 1 set

he kit consists of :

1 x test cassette,
1 x test tube filled with buffer,
1 x sterile swab and stand,
1 x instruction manual in DE/EN/PL/IT/ES/FR


Goldsite is on the European list of approved manufacturers for COVID-19 testing and on the German BfArM list.

Home self-test kit for nasal swab collection.

Very high test specificity and accuracy!

Test sensitivity: 92.44% (95% CI: 86.13 -96.48%)
Specificity of the test: 99.32% (95% CI: 96.29 -99.98%)
Overall concordance percentage: 96.25% (95% CI: 93.22 -98.19%)

 JB Mask sp. z o.o. is an authorized distributor of Goldsite Diagnostics Inc. brand in the EU.

We are the owner of the goods.