JB Engineering 2750iS inverter power generator

New in our offer.
First delivery of 512 units available from January 2023
units of our JB Engineering brand.

Inverter aggregates with a constant power of 2.2 kW


High-quality JB FFP2 NR MASK filtering masks compliant with the standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 available on the Polish market.

Models available:
ZC-2021 – white mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021BK – black mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021R – red mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021NB – navy blue mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021G – green mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021BE – blue mask JB FFP2 NR
ZC-2021Y – yellow  mask JB FFP2 NR


We are the owner of the JB FFP2 MASK brand FFP2.
Our production capacity is 1,000,000 masks per day.


Colorful masks ZC-2021

About us

JB MASK sp. z o.o. was established in response to the needs of our clients.

We decided to join forces as two companies
P.U. Justyna Bednarek and the company Anna Walczak
We have created a great product with the highest standards.
The mask has been designed from scratch with the utmost care.

Packaging ideally suited to the applicable standards.
All packages have their own unique barcode.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we cooperated with Polish manufacturers of FFP3 and FFP2 masks, but with the development of the epidemic, there were more and more problems with availability, and specifically its lack. This situation forced us to look for alternative supplies in order to ensure smooth deliveries to our customers in Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Germany or France.
We used our long-term contacts and thus established direct cooperation with the factory, where we manufacture products of our brand JB FFP2 MASK for YOU.

For us, the most important thing is the quality and safety of our customers, so when establishing cooperation with us, you choose the highest quality product that has all the current tests.